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古今船长的故事新闻|河北雪花梨"Well!""See the Lord?" Chen gong looks at zhang already of look: "was scolded?""Father, I want two of you." Lu lingqi suddenly ran to lv bu begged.

Although it is still not fully warmed up, but the western regions the news, let the lyu3 bu4 gives birth to a sense of urgency, the next morning, three hundred Biao ride who then neatly gathered in chang-an, the traveling, besides giffin, and d, Ezra pound, Gideon, tube hai and lyu3 bu4 four pro who at the same time, as for the other one thousand people, in order to save hay, zhang liao is responsible for the preparation, lyu3 bu4 rendezvous in wuwei."Eldest brother although say, we burn block qiang people is the most important commitment." Qiang people young hurriedly chest assured way.Half a year's time, the camp has considerable scale, in addition to the center of the camps, out of a vast wasteland outside, this is for the workman's dependents, is to reward those craftsmen, each can be assigned to a few acres of marginal, and is not taxed the sort of, for this day and age, have to, and not, this is more than any treasure worth money, after all this land, can be passed down in the army, and only made a meritorious service are eligible was assigned to the fields, and also make these craftsmen more hard work for lu bu.古今船长的故事新闻|After hamur left, liu bao went back to his king's tent. In his king's tent, there was a huge map. It was a map of hetao, which he had spent half a year drawing out with sheepskin.

古今船长的故事新闻|More with less, often from people to judge, but the real key to winning, or the morale and morale, lyu3 bu4 does best, is to hit the morale of the other party, down the morale of the enemy, and then take pressure on, like a cunning cruel Wolf, as long as the enemy to show a little flaw, immediately rushed and, to give each other to bite dead, but this time, lyu3 bu4 from this army of huns, felt a pressure.Sudden turns, from Addis suddenly begin to women with bolt shot Hugo ducale, but meantime lamp that kung fu tea, court, xianbei people may not know what happened in court, Addis must, before xianbei people react will then built xianbei people, on the way to have seen before in the city there are many xianbei people in wander, not centralized.'rubbish! Looking at zhang he's deputy on the ground, yuan shao said angrily, "zhang junyi is known as hebei liang. What is he doing? Thirty thousand! Thirty thousand troops attacked a ferry defended by eight hundred people, and after a day's attack, they did not say they had lost their soldiers, but they sent me the head of general han meng. All have already defected to the enemy! ?"

"But those han Chinese look at us closely, there is no way to escape." A qiang people took the young handed mutton, frowning way.Chapter nine the disaster came suddenly古今船长的故事新闻|





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